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Dodder Park Medical | Excellence in Primary Care

General Practice, Urgent Care Clinic, Clinical Psychology, Physiotherapy and Podiatry. 


Dr. Dockeray, Dr. O'Gorman and PN Sarah Hoctor are available for acute and ongoing medical care through out the health emergency.

All initial consultations will take place by phone or videoconsultation.

During that consultation if your GP considers it clinically appropriate, an in-person consult may be advised. It will then be scheduled and conducted in a safe, controlled manner, according to national guidelines. In this event you will be required to advise reception of your arrival, you will then return to your car until  called to the consultation. All those over the age of 13 years are required to wear a mask for the duration of the consultation. 

We encourage you not to put off consulting with your GP if you have health concerns that you have not addressed.

Please stay safe and stay healthy, and if you need care, please contact us.